Accessories That Will Keep Your Commercial Roll-Off Container Clean

22 December 2022
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If you are responsible for disposing of liquid waste or food scraps, the inside of your commercial roll-off container may get dirty rather quickly. Your rental provider may offer some accessories that will cut back on how often the rental dumpster needs to be disinfected.-

Storage Bags And Liners

Some commercial dumpster rental businesses use thick plastic or vinyl bags and liners as a means of keeping containers sanitized. An individual bag can be used to store liquid waste and food products that will eventually be added to a dumpster. A bag can be stored separately within your business or within a garbage can while you are filling it up.

A special bag that contains a seal will prevent liquid waste or rotted food from seeping from the confines of the bag. Upon filling the bag, it can be carried outdoors to your commercial dumpster and placed inside of the waste receptacle. A liner works in the same manner as a bag but will need to be installed directly in the dumpster, prior to adding waste to the receptacle.

Containers With Lower Profiles And Strategic Access Points

The size of your commercial rental dumpster could possibly be contributing to liquid spills and food messes. Assess the size of the rental dumpster that is currently in your possession. Do you or any of your employees have difficulty hoisting items up over the rim of the dumpster? If so, you may want to rent a dumpster that contains a lower profile. A waste receptacle that has a lower profile will not require much effort when bags and boxes that contain waste items are added to the receptacle.

Your waste rental supplier may also furnish dumpsters that contain side or back swinging doors. A dumpster that contains a door will prevent the need for tossing any waste items inside of the receptacle. If you locate a dumpster that will be more useful than the one you already have in your possession, contact your dumpster supplier and request that they switch out the original dumpster with the one that you prefer.

A Lid And A Lock

If your dumpster doesn't have a lid or a lock on it, there is a possibility that people who do not work directly with you are tossing waste items into the receptacle. Unlawful dumping could contribute to how quickly the dumpster gets dirty. Ask an associate of the rental company if they have a lid and locking system that can be used with the dumpster that you have rented. If so, they can likely dispatch one of their workers to drop the accessories off to you.

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