New Home Owner? FAQs About Garbage Pickup During The Wintertime

21 December 2018
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If you have just purchased a new house, you are likely discovering all the various responsibilities that come with home ownership. One aspect you may have concerns about is your neighborhood's residential garbage container services. Winter brings interesting challenges, such as weather concerns and holiday waste concerns. Here are some answers to questions you may have.

Do Garbage Trucks Come Out In All Weather Conditions?

Some companies will send their collection trucks out in ice and snow, but they may pick up your garbage later than usual since they will be driving with more care. Because these vehicles are large, some services will temporarily halt pick-up until the weather improves so that they don't put their employees or property at risk. If you live in a hilly area, then it's even more dangerous for trucks to come out, since they cannot always stop.

If your town's garbage collection services don't come on their usual collection day because of weather, they will likely defer their services until the next regular trash pick-up day. You may be worried about piling up extra waste until then, but it's usually okay to leave this excess waste outside of bins as long as it is securely bagged. These services will not charge you extra either.

How Can You Protect Your Garbage Cans?

Plastic bins can easily become damaged in cold weather since they can become brittle and then crack when garbage trucks dump them. If you can, try to keep all of your garbage cans in a garage or shed. If they have to remain outside, put them alongside a wall of your home so they are protected from the wind.

What If The Cold Or Windy Weather Has Already Damaged Your Trash Cans?

Contact your city's residential garbage container services. Many cities are happy to replace your trash cans for free. If you are allowed to pick your own waste bins, you may want to invest in one that is made of durable fiberglass rather than plastic. Fiberglass is a resin that is reinforced with glass fibers, while plastics are just organic polymers that have been thermo-formed in a mold without reinforcement.

What Wrapping Paper Can You Put In Your Trash Cans?

USA Today says that a lot of people overcompensate on their recycling efforts when it comes to holiday waste. Bows, sparkly/shiny wrapping paper, and ribbons cannot go into your recycling bin since they clog the recycling process; put all of these items in your garbage bins. If you want to recycle holiday waste, you can recycle plain wrapping paper (tape on the wrapping paper is okay to recycle).

What if You Have Bulky Items to Get Rid of After the Holidays?

If you get a holiday gift that upgrades an old, bulky item, like furniture, you may wonder if you can throw it away. If said item is still in good condition, consider donating it to a store or charity first. Bulky items, like mattresses, should not be left on the curbside for regular pick-up without first giving the service notice. If you are throwing away more than one bulky item, then be sure to list all the items so the service can prepare for your request. If you don't want to wait until your usual garbage day, ask your garbage service if they have drop-off areas you can use.

For more information on wintertime waste disposal, contact residential garbage services today.