Disguising The Dumpster In Front Of Your Home

4 December 2018
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Taking on a huge home renovation at any time of the year can cause quite the ruckus in your neighborhood. During a big project, a dumpster rental is placed outside your home to collect all of the waste neatly. If you're looking for some fun ways to get that dumpster out of view, here are a few things to consider. 

Holiday Inflatables

Every holiday has some sort of huge inflatable decoration to be had. You can use those huge holiday inflatables to build a barrier around the dumpster – one may be all that you need to disguise the dumpster for a while.

Tip: When using the inflatables, make sure that they are secured to the ground. If the dumpster is on a hard surface where you can't drive a stake, you can tie the inflatable to the dumpster to keep it from blowing away.

Fencing Panels

If you know that the dumpster will be on your property for several weeks or months, you probably want a more permanent, but removable, enclosure for around the dumpster. You can build one using a few fencing panels, 4x4 posts, some hinges, a lock and latch set, and a few bolts.

How many fence panels you'll need depends on the size of the dumpster. If you don't know the dimensions of the dumpster, measure it and add a foot on each side so that you have some room to maneuver around the dumpster.

You will need four 4x4 posts – one for each corner. Attach the fencing panel to the post using some heavy-duty hinges. The hinges make it possible for the enclosure to be folded up and moved away from the dumpster so that it can be emptied – it also makes it possible for you to store the unit for future use.

Leave one of the corners detached from the hinges – instead, you'll be using this one panel as an access gate – you'll install a lock and latch set on it to secure the dumpster and keep people out. The lock and latch door should be on the side of the dumpster in which the dumpster is accessed for emptying. As long as you've left enough space around the dumpster, you won't need to do anything more than unlock and open the gate to have the dumpster emptied.

You don't have to live with that dumpster staring you in the face each time you pull up in front of your home. Hopefully, these ideas will make it a little easier to get through this huge renovation project with ease.